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Window cleaner newport shropshire

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Window Cleaner Newport Shropshire

window cleaner newport shropshire


There’s something special about Window cleaner Newport Shropshire. We work quickly and efficiently from the ground, using our long reach and super lightweight window cleaning equipment. Our pure water system used with our specialist lightweight brush heads means that we can clean your home safely and to a great standard that will make you proud of your home again.

We will clean your windows, sills, frames and UPVC over garages, extensions, conservatories and outbuildings without risk to your roof tiles, your garden plants or your beautiful lawn! We’ll even include your doors and skylight windows for free.

Window Cleaner Newport Shropshire

We are a local family business, fully insured, with fair fixed pricing. We are all uniformed professionals who are dedicated to providing a service that we are proud of to get your home looking beautiful.

window cleaner newport shropshire

We’re really easy to book and easy to pay. We give you a calling card with your next clean date on every visit so you will always know when to leave your gate unlocked for us.

We also offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all our work. If there’s something we’ve missed, or if something isn’t right we will pop back as soon as we can and reclean your windows. We will even offer you a full refund if you are still not happy.

There’s a good reason why after over 9 years of operating, we are the most recommended window cleaners in Chester and all the areas we work in.

Why Use us for your Window Cleaning Service

  • You always know when we are coming: We give you the next clean date ✓
  • We can clean your windows above your conservatory or extension ✓
  • Your windows at 3 storeys windows (and higher!) can be cleaned ✓
  • Your Windows, frames, sills, skylights and doors cleaned every visit ✓
  • You have peace of mind: We’re reliable, professional, & fully insured ✓
  • You can pay us easily: Paid by Direct Debit or card ✓